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We are a textiles production company based in New York City and Abidjan. Our Refined products bridge traditions and modernity. We specialized in wax printing, tie -dye and hand weaving. Other artisanal work we offer includes hand embroidery, beading, crocheting and hand painting on fabrics.

We aim to place African textile craftsmanship in the luxury fashion market to create a truthful narrative about what “ MADE IN AFRICA” means today and to preserve textiles craftsmanship. We put great effort in sourcing our raw materials locally and in organic fair trade quality.


Mariama Fashion Production "MFP" is a 100% woman owned business in New York City. We are the leading African handmade sustainable textiles and accessories company founded by designer and humanitarian Mariama Camara.  . Mariama is originally from the Republic of Guinea,West Africa. Her passion for textiles and handmade products grew while watching her family design prints as a young girl. Mariama's great grand-mother was among the most successful woman tie dyers in Kindia a region of Guinea. Following her passion, Mariama became the first Guinean to showcase the work of Guinean women tie-dyers from Kindia in the international market, through a collaboration between her non profit organization There Is No Limit Foundation and designer Tory Burch. First Lady Michelle Obama wore the blue Jasmine dress from the collection. 


Mariama wants to continue empowering artisans while continuing her family's legacy of creating beautiful handcrafted textile and products with artisans in Africa. Mariama's story and our work is featured in the Dream,Girl Film, a film showcasing the stories of female entrepreneurs. You can watch the film trailer here



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Mariama Camara is the founder of Mariama Fashion Production, MARIAMA CAMARA, a New York City based sustainable fashion brand, KANAFRIK  Africa's first chain of sustainable stores, the Co-founder of There Is No Limit Foundation. and the founder of RAW REAL TALKS.She is an entrepreneur, humanitarian, Activist and advocate for women and girls rights, born in the Republic of Guinea, West Africa. Mariama is one of the most influential African woman in philanthropy, fashion and entrepreneurship. Her inspiring presence reflects her power, optimism and energy. Her entrepreneurial spirit and humanitarian work has led her to interact with some of the most influential individuals in the business, fashion, entertainment, political, and nonprofit sectors. She lived in Senegal and has travelled to various countries in Africa, the Americas and Europe. She moved to New York City in 2001 and started working in fashion. 

In May 2014 Cosmopolitan Magazine choose Mariama as a fun, fearless female and referred to her as a dream weaver. Mariama was also featured in New York Magazine " The Cut" as the Humanitarian giving back through Fashion and Revlon final 15th provocateur. Mariama Camara is part of the cast of Dream Girl Film, a documentary showcasing female entrepreneurs of New York City premiered at the Obama White House. Mariama Camara was recently featured on CCN AFRICAN VOICES " CHANGE MAKERS".

Her name and face has been seen in various magazines and television around the world such as TV5 Monde, BBC, RTI, CNN, RTG, Univision, VOGUE, Cosmopolitan Magazine, New York Magazine “The Cut,” The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes Africa, Forbes Women, The Washington Post, Fast Company, Huffington Post, ELLE –CI and more.

Mariama Camara was VOSS Foundation 2017 Women Helping Women Hamptons Honorees for her humanitarian work in the Republic of Guinea through There Is No Limit Foundation.

In 2017, UNDP picked Mariama as one of the 4 designers to present their collection at the sustainable fashion event "Feel Good, Look Good & Do Good" organized at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.


Through Mariama Fashion Production, Mariama's focus is on working with artisans to create unique textile and accessories for consumers, emerging and established brand internationally and developing talents throughout Africa.


The Women artisans in There Is No Limit Foundation Association of Women Tie-Dyers founded by Mariama and Aissata are the first ones in the Republic of Guinea to get the opportunity to showcase their work internationally through a collaboration with fashion designer, Tory Burch.Their -one- of- a- kind handmade prints were showcased in her Spring 2013 collection at the New York Mercedes Benz Fashion week .In addition, the blue jasmyn dress featured in the collection was worn by the First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama, at the Drink Up Campaign.

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